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  • Spock's Beard Lyrics from the lyrics007.com website, includes lyrics for many songs

  • Spock's Beard Bio from the Rockdetector.com website, by Garry Sharpe-Young, April 26, 2004

  • Thomas Ewerhard Website of graphic art designer for 'Feel Euphoria' and 'Day for Night'

  • Dragon*Con Biography from the 'Dragon*Con.org' website, contains bio info and short quotes from the V tour, uncredited, undated

  • Spcks's Beard Biography from the "Through Different Eyes' website, by Greger Rönnqvist

  • Spock's Beard Frequently Asked Questions List Maintained by Miguel Farah, a must read

  • Band Bio from the bands former record label 'Metal Blade'

  • Band Bio from the BestRock.cz web site, by Petr Zlamal(Czech) Translated (from Czech to English) by Eva Dudova

  • Spock's Beard Reviews Page Multiple posts from users concerning the band, from E-Prog.net web site

  • Dragon Con SB info Bio on the band preceding performing live in concert in 2001, from the DragonCon.Org web site

  • Band Bio and Audio from the ProgRadio.net web site

  • Band Bio from the ProgRock website, by Lee Gaskins

  • Band Bio Dedicated band and album-of-the-month, from Progressiverockbr.com web site

  • Band Bio and Release Info from the 'Giant Electric Pea' website, undate, uncredited

  • Band Bio from the 'Progradio.net' website, includes some tour dates for 2001, and a information about 'Spock's Beard: Here and There'

  • Band Overview Through Snow from the 'Best Rock.cz' website, by Petr Zlamal, translated by Eva Dudova dated May 05, 2003 (but that may be the last website update)

Ovrall Band Reviews and Comments

  • Band Commentary from Progressor.net website, Note: the author incorrectly states that Dave Meros was replaced for the KOS CD

SB Audio

  • SB at Nearfest Live from the 'Studio M Live.com'website, is a steaming audio feed of Spock's Beard live at Nearfest. I have not done a comparison to see if any audio is different than the SB 'Live at Nearfest' release , however, it sounds like it may be a slighty different mix.

  • Live Acoustic Instore September 18th, 2002 at PUG'Z Records in Westwood, CA from the 'MetalBlade.com' website, Includes a realmedia download of the performance of 'Looking for Answers' and pics of the show

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