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Recognized as one of the progressive Rock Band, Spocks Beard was formed by two brothers - Neil and Alan Morse. The group was formed in the year 1992 in Los Angeles with Neil on keyboard who is also a songwriter and a vocalist. His brother Alan played the electric guitar. After about a decade of successful performance, Neil preferred to play solo and he left the group. Thereafter, the Spocks Beard group underwent few more changes in its lineup and some of the reputed vocalists, guitarists and other artists joined the group. Spocks Beard has now become a very popular and entertaining Rock group in USA and they have also given their outstanding performances in various countries.

How the group got the name?

The group got the name Spocks Beard out of sheer chance. In fact, there is an interesting history for christening the rock group by that name. There was a wild party where Neil and Alan Morse gave performance. The party was for Star trek where Mr. Spocks, the fictional vulcan character of Star Trek had a beard in one of the Star Trek episodes. Being a huge Star Trek geek and fan of the logical Vulcan, it was Alan who suggested to his brother Neil to name their group as Spocks Beard. Thereafter the brothers made out a list of about 100 names and zeroed in on the name ‘Spocks Beard’ and eventually, the group was christened as such.

How we scored the domain?

We previously had a wordpress blog at spocksbeard.wordpress.com, but the community wanted to have their own domain. Spocksbeard.com was the official site of the band and we wanted a similar domain for the fansite. We got seriously lucky when we spotted the domain at the godaddy auctions. Even though there was a short domain bidding war, we were able to procure it for around $300 and Godaddy transferred the domain over to use within two weeks and we pointed the domain nameservers over to our blog at wordpress.com. Wordpress only charges a paltry $13 for the year and the community got the domain name they wanted!

Some of the popular albums

This rock group has brought out several studio albums and most popular of them are the ‘Light’ (1995), Beware of Darkness (1996), The kindness of strangers (1998), Day for night (1999), V (2000), Snow (2002), Feel Euphoria (2003), Octane (2005), Spocks beard (2006), X (2010) and Dreamless sleep (2013). The current lineup of the group are Alan Morse (guitar and vocals), Dave Meros (bass guitar, Keyboard and vocals), Ryo Okumotto (keyboard, Vocal), Jimmy Keegan (drums, Vocal) and Ted Leonard (Vocal, Guitar).

Unique Album

Among the various studio albums released by the group, lovers of rock music are of the opinion the album ‘snow’ has a unique theme and the group has excelled in its performance. The music is about an albino who was extrasensory person and he had a large following of people around him. With this messianic following he starts guiding the people; but unfortunately in course of time, he loses track but people learn to leave in perfect harmony. Some people are of the opinion this album has something to draw parallel to the album ‘conversion to Christianity’ published individually by Neil.

Excellence in playing guitar

The other popular studio album is Feel Euphoria which was written after the departure of Neil from the group. As already said, Neil left the group to pursue his urge for solo performance. In fact, other members of the rock group also have contributed for writing this album. The album has gained popularity for its lyric as also for Alan’s professionalism in playing Guitar. In fact, some of the music lovers are of the opinion this album gained popularity because of wonderful performance of Alan on the guitar.

A chance to avail VIP passes

The Spocks Beard group has given hundreds of performances across Europe and in other parts of the world as well. The group has won the hearts of millions of lovers of Rock music. For the benefit of music lovers, the group also offer few VIP passes and people can also interact with the group. That would be a wonderful chance to see and personally talk to this melodious Spocks beard rock group. You can visit their website to know their itinerary.

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